Ariva provides you with a smart way to drive a new or pre-owned car

What vehicle brands are on offer?
Our expanding range currently includes the following brands: Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen – more to come in the near future.
What happens when the contract ends?
At the end of the contract the vehicle is returned to Ariva and you have the option of applying for a new vehicle. You can also extend the rental term for the current vehicle.
Is it possible to take ownership of the vehicle at the end of my contract?
Yes, it is possible. This will however fall under a separate sale of vehicle agreement and does not form part of your standard rental agreement with Ariva. The purchase price for the vehicle will not exceed the published market value of the vehicle at that stage.
What documents are needed to help finalise the application process?
To ensure that all the information in our system is correct, you will need to send us a copy of your ID, driver’s licence, 3 months’ bank statements and payslips. This is called the verification process.
Who can benefit from Ariva’s services?
Any full time employed, 18 years and older, with a driver’s license, who dreams of driving a car. Terms and conditions apply.
How long does delivery of the vehicle take after approval?
After approval, there’s a verification process to ensure that all your information is correct. Note: Your car will get a tracking device, free of charge, which will need to be fitted to it.
What’s the minimum salary required for clients to apply for a vehicle?
Gross salary of R15 000.
How long can I keep the car for?
Depending on the contract you have chosen, you will keep the car for up to 60 months. At the end of contract, you return the car to us. Terms and conditions apply.
What services and benefits are included in the monthly fixed payment?
Service costs, the vehicle’s car insurance, a tracking device, roadside assistance are all included in the monthly payment.
What sort of options or packages does Ariva offer clients?
We have two options: Ariva Lite covers services, insurance, roadside assistance and includes a tracking device. Ariva Premium covers a full maintenance plan, one set of tyres, insurance, roadside assistance, tracking device.
Why rent a vehicle when you could buy it?

Trying to own a car through a traditional Instalment sale agreement, often leads to costly surprises down the road. Inflation, interest rate fluctuations, increasing insurance premiums or exorbitant excesses and unexpected maintenance bills, which all negatively impact your budget and affect your monthly motoring costs. Plus, when you are in the market for a new car, your current car might have depreciated far more than expected, which will significantly reduce its trade-in value. Since many cars are worth less than 35% of their original cost after 5 years and many financing deals involve a residual or balloon payment, you will probably have a shortfall between what you still owe the Finance house and what the market related value is , possibly forcing you to delay the acquisition of a new vehicle until you are able to cover the shortfall.

Managing an insurance claim can be extremely time consuming and frustrating, even more difficult if a third-party claim is involved, not to mention the increase in monthly insurance premiums, regardless of who’s fault it was. Trying to manage service costs is just as time consuming and frustrating.

Renting a car in a nutshell, means that we take on all the unforeseen or unpreventable cost risks in driving/owning a vehicle. Rent, use and return, then upgrade, it’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to drive a car.

Can I have my own insurance?
Unfortunately, clients cannot have their own insurance as the car belongs to Ariva.
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